Mural Classes

Michael Cooper’s mural classes are in depth, hands-on tutorials covering everything you need to know about not only creating large-scale artwork, but also all of the ins and outs of running a mural business. Michael’s classes are always brimming with essential technical information and vital painting techniques, but above all, they are loads of fun!

What you’ll learn:

Mike’s intensive 5-day classes cover everything you need to:

  • Master unique interior and exterior mural technique.
  • Master basic perspective and Trompe L’oeil (meaning “fool the eye”)
  • Work with specialized Tools of the Trade to save valuable time
  • Transfer drawings and designs by pouncing and graphing
  • Properly use an opaque projector
  • Design a mural to scale
  • Prep, paint and install a canvas mural from start to finish
  • Develop key business skills, pricing and marketing techniques
  • Learn how to create presentations for potential clients
  • Learn how to retain your current clients
  • Discover how to be productive on and OFF the jobsite


Stay tuned for 2017 dates!

All dates are subject to maximum class sizes of 6 people.

Take a look at the brochure for more information and a sign-up form!